Why do you need a Myves-P1 in your kitchen?

Mar 23 , 2022

Why do you need a Myves-P1 in your kitchen?

It is not rare to find raw food cleaning machines or related products nowadays, yet with the following features the Myves-P1 will act perfectly for your household:

  • Design for household storage

The Myves-P1 is only 0.4 KG overall, it fits in a drawer within your kitchen for storage



  • The P1 is suitable for different capacities

Suitable for 3-8L water capacities it fit with almost all kind of containers or kitchen sinks. Its IPX7 waterproof, all you need to do is to throw it into where you used to wash the fruits and vegetables!

  • No installation

Unlike other traditional fruit purifiers they either have to be hung it on the wall or it is heavy and huge so you will have to place them somewhere to occupy the limited kitchen space.

  • Simple and Easy to use

Easy-to-use as the core of Myves products. There is only one button on P1 and you only need to press it once to make it do the job, simple! 


Myves cares about your daily home life, our goal is to provide easy-to-use appliances to improve convenience and modernization in your life.