• At MYVES, we believe that a home is not just a physical space, but a place where you feel comfortable, happy, and connected with your loved ones.


    As a modern home appliances brand, our mission is to design products that simplify your life with intuitive controls and versatile features, allowing you to achieve more with less effort.


    Our philosophy, "less is more," goes beyond clean design and ease of use. It's about delivering the core essence of our brand through multifunctionality, convenience, safety, and innovation.

As a proud subsidiary of CHE FUNG GROUP (C&F), with over 40 years of expertise in the electronic component market, we bring unparalleled quality to every MYVES product.

Our technical team meticulously oversees every step of the production process, from raw material selection to manufacturing, ensuring exceptional quality in each household appliance.

  • Our goal is to meet your ever-evolving home appliance needs and enhance your lifestyle. Trust MYVES to provide reliable, lasting solutions for your home. We are honored to be a part of your home, your family, and your life.