Food Purification Box - P1

The powerful, safe and natural atmospheric cleansing agent.

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Agricultural & chemical residues

Used to purify agricultural residues, chemical residues, and bacteria on the surface of vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood. It can also be used to disinfect various cooking utensils.

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  • Agricultural and Chemical Residues

    The use of pesticides and chemicals during agriculture and other farming industry are widely acknowledged. Potential chemical residues especially on fresh food material are all around us.Thus cleaning it with tap water is not sufficient to remove chemical residues.

  • Food Safety Concern

    MYVES P1 Food Purification Box can remove over 90% of the pesticides residues, and 99.99% of colibacillus & staphylococcus aureus. (Tested in lab)

    From broccoli to strawberries, from meat to seafood and from baby bottle to pacifier, all of them can be purified within minutes.

  • Why cleaning with P1

    P1 helps removing agricultural & chemical residues on the surface of fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. It also works for removing bacteria and germs on tableware and baby products. With no chemical adding requires but just tap water, P1 is your must have appliance for healthier lives.

  • 2 Steps to Purify

    Please inject tap water into basin or sink (also available with other containers with 3-8 litres capacity), then place the host at the bottom of the container, and keep the host horizontally up. 

  • 2 Purification Modes

    Rapid Purification: Press the control button once to start rapid purification mode, the working time of this mode is 10 minutes, the LED indicator light will turn into blue with breathing light effect in this mode. 

    Deep Purification: Press the control button for 2 seconds to start deep purification mode, the working time of this mode is 15 minutes, the LED indicator light will stay on blue with no breathing light effect in this mode.

    Tips: You may stir the water during the purification for better effect. 

Looking for a reason to use P1?

Hear what our customers have to say about Food Purification Box P1

Works well for killing bacteria & gems on baby toys. Very user-friendly, simply switch it on and you can relax. Recommend it to all new parents!

Great Product! No more chemicals are needed when it comes to sanitizing fruits and veggies. And, it’s ultra-portable and has a stylish look! 

Love this food purification box! It’s safe and easy-to-use - simplifies the process of cleaning meat & seafood. 

Meet the Food Purification Box P1

Check out our new video to find out how to use Food Purification Box P1.


Does the MYVES Food Purification Box - P1 fit my kitchen?

MYVES Food Purification Box is a tailor-made product for household storage. Weighing only 0.4 KG overall with the dimension of 110*110*70 mm, it fits almost all kinds of containers or kitchen sinks.

When should I use the MYVES Food Purification Box - P1? 

It is designed for daily usage. You can use it when preparing food for cooking, cleaning fresh veggies and fruits for picnic or camping, plus sanitizing tableware and baby products at home.