How will my order be delivered to me?

We offer free shipping on all products within the United States. (Delivery is not available to small islands and military zones outside the continental United States)

Normally, MYVES products take about 3-7 business days of shipping, and product(s) under COLLECTION may take up to 15 business days of shipping.

Is there a warranty on the MYVES?

Yes, there is a 1-year warranty included with MYVES Products.

*Items marked as final sale, or gift cards, are NOT eligible.

When can I make a return?

Initiate returns or exchanges WITHIN 14 days of receiving your order to qualify. Refund requests beyond this period cannot be accommodated.

*Items marked as final sale, or gift cards, are NOT eligible.

How do I initiate a return?

Reach out to us at cs@myves.com. For us to accept a return, you must contact us first to authorize the return before sending.

Include the following information to have your return processed as quickly as possible:
· Your original order number.
· The condition of your item. (Ensure the item is in pristine, unused condition, complete with original packaging, and accompanied by a valid receipt or proof of purchase.)
· The reason for your return.

*Items marked as final sale, or gift cards, are NOT eligible.

MYVES-P1 Food Purification Box

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Is the MYVES-P1 easy to use?

Yes, just 3 simple steps to taste cleaner! All you need are P1 and tap water.

#1 Place it on top of the charging base to charge your MYVES-P1. When it is fully charged, the GREEN light will be on.
#2 Press the button on the top of the device and submerge it into tap water with your fruits or veggies for 10 mins (Rapid cleaning mode) or 15 mins (Deep cleaning mode).
#3 Give your fruits and veggies a quick rinse under the tap before enjoying your clean, safe, and delicious food!

*Tips: To avoid causing damage to the P1 device, please do not operate the product if there is no water in the container or the device is not overwhelmed by water.

How long does it take to clean produce with MYVES-P1?

There are two different cleaning modes for the P1:
1. Rapid cleaning mode: lasts 10 minutes, perfect for fruits and veggies.
2. Deep cleaning mode: takes 15 minutes, great for meats, seafood, baby stuff, and tableware.

Are there any parts of MYVES-P1 that need periodic replacement?

The P1 is a one-time investment that is built to last. There are no expensive filters or other parts that need to be replaced.

Do you have 3rd party lab test results?

Yes, SGS is one of the most trusted laboratory testing organizations. Their lab tests showed that the P1 has a 99% removal rate of bacteria and a 90% removal rate of the commonly used pesticide.

How often should I clean the MYVES-P1?

It is recommended to clean it once every three months with the process below:

1. Make sure the product is not operating (Turn it off);
2. Soak the host in a container with tap water that submerges the host;
3. Add 5-10mls vinegar into the container and leave to set for at least 60 minutes;
4. Rinse it with clean water.

*Tips: For optimal cleaning results, we recommend giving your MYVES-P1 a quick rinse after every use.

Which type of power adapter should I use for MYVES-P1?

We recommend using a 5W USB power adapter to charge P1. A charger is included in your package.

Is MYVES-P1 travel-friendly?

Yes, it is absolutely travel-friendly. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry, making it convenient to use on the go. Whether you're camping, traveling, or just need to purify your food while away from home, the P1 is a great option.

Additionally, P1 is wireless charging, built-in duel battery, and can be used 6-10 times when fully charged.

Can MYVES-P1 purify metal or is it only for fruits and vegetables?

We do not recommend using P1 to purify metal products. Hydroxyl groups generated during operation might oxidize the metal objects you put in.

Besides fruits and vegetables, you can also use P1 to purify seafood, meat, plastic baby accessories, tableware, etc.

MYVES-X1 Electric Hand Mixer

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What comes in the package with the MYVES-X1?

The MYVES-X1 package includes the mixer host, two Optimus beaters, two dough hooks, a pro whisk, and a user manual.

How many speed settings does the MYVES-X1 have?

The MYVES-X1 has 5-speed transmission settings, which can be adjusted as your requirement.

There is a dedicated speed control button can be adjusted at any point while using the mixer.

Can the MYVES-X1 be used for cake batters, egg whites, and whipped cream?

Yes, the MYVES-X1 is efficient for cake batters, egg whites, and whipped cream, thanks to its powerful motor and different types of beaters.

Is the MYVES-X1 easy to clean?

Yes, The beater eject button of MYVES-X1 can help you easily release accessories. And easy to clean as its metal accessories are dishwasher safe. However, the mixer host cannot be immersed in water.

*Tips: It's always a good idea to check the manufacturer's instructions before you putting these items in your dishwasher.

MYVES-B2 Multifunctional Blender

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How many blades does the MYVES-B2 have?

The MYVES-B2 is equipped with both blending blades and grinding blades, making it super versatile and handy.

Here are a few examples of what it can do:
1. The 6-leaf blending blades are awesome for crushing ice, blending frozen drinks like smoothies or juice, and whipping up delicious sauces.
2. The 2-leaf blades are perfect for grinding beans, spices, coffee, and nuts.

Can I use the MYVES-B2 for grinding coffee beans or nuts?

Absolutely! The MYVES-B2 Blender comes with a 2-leaf blade and a small batch jar that's perfect for grinding dry ingredients like coffee beans, nuts, and seeds.

What are the blades of MYVES-B2 made of?

They are made of stainless steel.

How do I prep my ingredients before blending with MYVES-B2?

For best results, cut ingredients into pieces. Place frozen ingredients in the cup last.

Are the pieces dishwasher safe?

The containers and To-go Cup Lid of Blender-B2 are dishwasher safe.

*Tips: It's always a good idea to check the manufacturer's instructions before you putting these items in your dishwasher.