The advantages of Myves-P1 VS other similar products

Jun 24 , 2022

The advantages of Myves-P1 VS other similar products

Comparison between different types of purification method

Many products on the market tend to be used to purify chemical residues on the surface of fruit and vegetable, while the principles of this type of product are not the same. The mainstream products on the market include ozone sterilizers, ultrasonic cleaners, fruit and vegetable cleaners, and hydroxyl cleaning products. Although their working principles are different, it does help people remove pesticides from food. 
Ozone disinfection
Ozone disinfection technology has existed for a long time, it can effectively kill germs. However, ozone disinfection requires strict control of ozone content. In many cases, low concentrations of ozone are enough to kill bacteria. Most of the products on the market are high-power and hard to control the level of ozone production. And once the content of ozone is too high, it may endanger human health.
Ultrasonic washing machine

The ultrasonic cleaning machine applied ultrasonic waves to generate tiny vibrations which can effectively take away residues on the surface of many objects, such as cleaning glasses. However, this cleaning method will inevitably damage the surface of fruits and veggies, which then affects the texture of some fruits and veggies. Besides the storage time will also be affected due to the damage to the surface.

Fruit and veggie wash
Fruit and vegetable cleaner is a new product that has entered the market in recent years, it can be used to purify pesticide residues and kill bacteria on the food surface. However, it will remain on the surface of fruits and vegetables, and some chemicals in fruit and vegetable wash are harmful to the human body. At the same time, some products will leave an odor on fruits and vegetables, which will affect fruit taste. In terms of use, it requires repeated purchases, which is low-cost efficient if we count it in the long run.

The OH Radical technology is achieved through the electrolysis of water, the only material required is water. The OH Radicals can not only effectively sterilize, but also effectively purify residues such as pesticides. After washing, it will not damage the skin of fruits and vegetables, and it has no impact on the taste of fruit and veggies. In addition, the OH Radicals do not have any side effects on the human body. P1 can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and purify 90% of chemical residues which can effectively protect your food safety.