Organic vs. Regular: Does it Really Matter?

Apples are a fantastic addition to your grocery cart, but the question remains – should you opt for organic or conventional? Does it truly make a difference?


Let's start with the basics – choosing a fresh apple over processed alternatives is always a wise decision, regardless of whether it's organic or not.

Opting for freshness ensures a crunchy delight that both your taste buds and health will appreciate!


Apples, the beloved fruit of orchards, also top the list of highly contaminated crops when it comes to pesticides.

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🔍 According to the USDA analysis by the Environmental Working Group, a whopping 98% of over 700 tested apples contained pesticides, even after a wash. 

If you're considering going organic, apples should be high on your list. Why? Because choosing organic means fewer pesticides in your daily diet.


Now, here's the catch – even organic apples, cultivated with utmost care, require a good wash!

Organic doesn't mean pesticide-free. Regulations for organic farming cover the growth process, but contamination can occur during transportation, storage, or at the market bins.

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Whether it's a regular or organic apple, give it a thorough wash with our MYVES-P1 Produce Purifier. 💚

Your health deserves the best, right? 🍎🥦🥑 Bite into freshness without worrying about lingering pesticides! 

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