The perfect solution for cleaning produce

Mar 23 , 2022

The perfect solution for cleaning produce

Nowadays, when a family celebrating for their new baby arrive, they will also start paying more and more attention to the food they consume for the good of their child. As a result the requirements for quality of food gradually improved among the society. The news and articles keep telling that pesticide, hormone and other residue problems emerge endlessly. Besides, organic labeled fruits and vegetables are particularly expensive to consume daily. So that the Myves-P1 is a perfect solution for the above issues.


Many people may not have experience on using a fruit and vegetable washing machine. We all likes the juicy and sweet fresh fruits, please think of the following scenario:

We usually soak fruits like berry and grape in a case with water to clean it which may take 30mins minimum since it cannot be exert to scrub, on the other hand, using detergent may affect the taste of fruits. Which is really annoying. This is where the fruit and vegetable washing machine supposed to be!

Let’s take a quick look at how the Myves-P1 works. It uses a special metal (food grade) through electrolysis to break down OH (hydroxyl radicals) from tap water to clean fruits and vegetables.


OH technology: tap water is the only material it require, no additive adding need. Through the device splitting water molecules into OH. The OH have super oxidation capacity, which can effectively remove bacteria, pesticide residues and degrade hormones on the surface of food. A lot of academic research had proven it is effective in removing pesticides and bacteria.

Capable in cleaning different food materials: it can be used to clean fruits and vegetables, fish, seafood, grains and baby products. Its 3-8L capacity does suitable for almost all container’s sizes. Fulfilled the need of family's food cleaning for a whole day. It is also very simple in operation, there is only 1 button on the machine and all you need to do is to press it once to turn it on.

The Myves-P1 is a very convenient fruit and vegetable washing machine. It is recommended that mothers or those who likes to cook themselves to have it in their kitchen.