Ensuring Your Family's Food is Clean & Safe!


Lately, there has been an increasing worry about the presence of pesticides, hormones, and residues in the fruits and vegetables we consume regularly. News and articles keep emphasizing that pesticide, hormone, and other residue-related problems seem to be never-ending.

Choosing organic produce can be expensive, and that's where the MYVES-P1 Food Purifier comes in as a practical solution.

Many people may not have experience using a fruit and vegetable washing machine. We all like juicy and sweet fresh fruits, please think of the following scenario:

We usually soak fruits like berries and grapes in a case with water to clean them which may take 30 mins minimum since it cannot be exerted to scrub, on the other hand, using detergent may affect the taste of fruits, which is really annoying.

We get it – it's a common struggle. Enter the fruit and vegetable washing machine MYVES-P1, a game-changer!

Here's a quick rundown of how the MYVES-P1 works. Using food-grade materials, it employs electrolysis to break down hydroxyl radicals (OH) from tap water, turning it into a powerful cleaning agent for your fruits and veggies.


What makes MYVES-P1 stand out:

  • OH Technology: Just tap water needed – no additives. OH radicals effectively remove bacteria, pesticide residues, and degrade hormones on food surfaces. A lot of academic research has proven it is effective in removing pesticides and bacteria.
  • Versatile Cleaning: Not just for fruits and veggies! It handles fish, seafood, grains, and baby products. It suits various container sizes, making it a day-long food-cleaning companion.
  • User-Friendly: Only one button to operate. Press it once, and you're good to go.


The MYVES-P1 is a handy addition to any kitchen, especially for moms and home cooks who care about what goes on their family's plate. Keep it simple, keep it clean!

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