How to Make Chewy or Cakey Cookies?

When it comes to cookies, everyone has their own preference - whether you like them cakey or chewy. Here are some tips to help you bake the perfect taste! 📝

🧑‍🍳 The key to achieving your desired cookie texture lies in subtle tweaks to the recipe measurements. Simply adjust the amounts of FAT, SUGAR, and FLOUR.

How to Make Cookies Chewy and Cakey?

🔍  What makes cookies chewy vs cakey?

  1. Sugar Type: Brown sugar packed with molasses, adds moisture. This moisture is retained during baking and results in a chewier cookie. 
  2. Fat Type: Melting butter before mixing can produce a chewier cookie, whereas creaming cold butter often leads to a more cakey texture.
  3. Flour Type: The protein content in the flour can affect texture. All-purpose flour tends to yield chewier cookies compared to cake flour.

· Chewy Cookie:

✅ If you want a tremendous chewy cookie, suggest using all-purpose flour and a lot of butter! A good ratio of fat to flour would be 1/2 cup of butter for every cup of flour.

· Cakey Cookie:

✅ If you want a cakey cookie, use cake flour and baking powder instead of baking soda. Also, make sure not to overmix your dough!

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Unlock the cookie conundrum and bake your way to chewy or cakey perfection! Which side of the cookie spectrum are you on? 🌈🍪

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