Top 12 Dirty & Clean Produce List!

Concerned about what you're eating? 🍏🌿 

Stay in the know about the culprits lurking in your fruits and vegetables aisle. We're sharing your guide to safer eating – the 2023 Dirty Dozen & Clean Pick List is here!

1️⃣ Dirty Dozen Alert

Discover which fruits and veggies are playing host to a bit too many unwanted guests – pesticides! 🦠 

Dirty Dozen Alert

2️⃣ Clean Pick Selections

Rejoice! We've curated a list of pristine picks, the champs of cleanliness. Load up on these goodies guilt-free! 💪

Clean Pick Selections

🔍 MYVES Health Tip:

Surprised to see your favorites on the list? These fruits and veggies tend to carry more pesticide residues, so use our MYVES-P1 Produce Purifier to remove pesticides and keep your produce clean. 🚿

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