How to use Food Purification Box-P1?

Apr 01 , 2022

Myves Admin

How to use Food Purification Box-P1?

Myves Food Purification Box-P1 is a portable purifier which can helps you to break down bacteria and pesticide residues from raw meat, fruit and vegetables. Not only that, items like baby pacifiers can also be effectively cleaned with the Food Purification Box-P1.

For ease of use, there is only one button on the body of P1, which can not only be used to turn on/off and also select the operating mode. 

Before purification, you can put the items or food that needs to be purified into a 3-8L container(depending on the amount) and ensure that the water has covered the items that need to be purified. 
When these are ready, we can use P1 for cleaning, P1 has two different modes that can be selected according to different situations. Short tap the switch button, P1 will turn on and enter 10-mins standard purify mode. Under standard mode, P1’s ambient light will be green. If you long-press for 2 seconds, P1 will enter 15-mins deep clean mode. Under deep cleaning mode, P1’s ambient light will be blue. After you select cleaning mode, then all you need to do is to put P1 in the container.  
When P1 completed the purify task, you can take off the upper cover and do a simple wash. That's how easy it is. You can place P1 directly on the charging pad after use. During the charging process, ambient light will start breathing red, and when fully charged, the green light will be on.
P1 has a built-in 2600 mAh battery, can be used 6-8 times when fully charged, no need to worry about battery life. After fully charged, you can unplug the power adapter.