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Myves Home Appliances Kitchen


MYVES is a professional Home Appliances brand of CHE FUNG GROUP (hereafter referred to as C&F). C&F was founded in 1986 and headquartered in Hong Kong. At that time, Hong Kong's manufacturing industry was in the early stages of development. Unlike traditional companies, C&F engaged in the industry of producing electronic components, seized the opportunity then expand gradually. In the 1990s, C&F began to export its products to Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea and won the favor of local consumers with a good reputation. In the meantime, C&F formed its R&D team, which engaged in research on automotive, sea expeditions, and innovative small home appliances. In the 2000s, C&F begin to manufacture end products such as air purifiers, water purifiers, fans, and other household appliances. 

As a member of the torrent of the times, C&F has gradually become a well-known brand after 36 years of precipitation. Nowadays, C&F is a well-known brand engaged in designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling electronic products in the South Eastern Asia region. By the 2010s, C&F decided to establish a home appliances brand by integrating resources within the industry which aims to deliver innovative and easy-to-use products that participate in a green and healthy life attitude to suffice the modern home life. 

In 2014, MYVES was officially established. We did not only inherit our consistent belief: “Innovative & Easy-to-use”,  but also applied the form of modern contracted aesthetics concept in MYVES. We know that the quality of small appliances in the market is uneven. Therefore, we would like to create social value in the fields we’ve been engaged in for decades and offer you a better choice for fulfilling your lifestyle.